PicoMite: can we explain/fix "ticking" when using PLAY SOUND

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Posted: 09:21am 18 Mar 2023      

Hi folks,

Thanks for the input. Busy weekend of family stuff so not going to get a chance to try anything out until Sunday evening at the earliest.

Until then some quick comments/answers:

1. The same sound engine/technique on the CMM2 does not (as far as I can hear) click.

2. The PAM is not the problem (issue also occurs on the PicoMiteVGA for both me and @Volhout), though it and/or the sh**ty speaker do appear to make the issue worse - I have noted however that I am missing an electrolytic on my breadboard. I also need to rebuild the circuit with more soldered links and fewer iffy jumper leads and solderless breadboard connections.

3. Currently, if for example my engine is playing the same note for 4 beats it actually calls PLAY SOUND for that frequency 8 times, these "transitions/restarts" can be eliminated for little cost and may(?) improve the situation.

4. I am starting to look more kindly on the original two "buzzer" configuration, it certainly takes up less real-estate than the forest of resistors and capacitors that is growing otherwise.

Best wishes,

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