PicoMite: can we explain/fix "ticking" when using PLAY SOUND

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Posted: 11:59am 20 Mar 2023      

Yep, that'll be fine. :)
Get the supply from VSYS, via the 10/11R resistor followed by the capacitor(s) to ground. The value is very non-critical.

Incidentally, terminals 1 & 2 of the volume control in your circuit are reversed. The slider of the pot should go to the input. RV2 is actually in parallel with R3.

As mentioned above, AC coupling the volume control input would be good as the output from the PWM filter can sit at about half supply voltage normally. Personally I'd go for about 2.2uF and, if polarised, with + towards the PicoMite. A smaller value capacitor will work, but it may not remove clicks, which are usually high frequency spikes or bursts. It will pass those very well, while reducing your lower frequencies.
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