PicoMite: can we explain/fix "ticking" when using PLAY SOUND

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Posted: 12:13pm 20 Mar 2023      

  Mixtel90 said  Incidentally, terminals 1 & 2 of the volume control in your circuit are reversed. The slider of the pot should go to the input. RV2 is actually in parallel with R3.

Sorry Mick, I don't quite get you, could you use smaller words ;-) (and this may be an error in the schematic and not the circuit). I think this is the same as one of the points @mozzie made.

  Quote  As mentioned above, AC coupling the volume control input would be good as the output from the PWM filter can sit at about half supply voltage normally. Personally I'd go for about 2.2uF and, if polarised, with + towards the PicoMite.

Can you be specific, between where and where would this capacitor sit ?

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