Solar Freakin' Railways....

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Posted: 11:30pm 24 Mar 2023      

I must say I like the IDEA, but with all these solar roads, paths and now talk of railways, it seems that they simply are not bothering to evaluate if it can even work at a practical level.  I guess that is Thunburg's generation of uni graduates - come up with ideas that sound nice, but are completely impractical in the real world, but cos they don't really live in the real world....

In the vid, Dave is going on about how much SERIOUS vibration there is in a train rumbling along, and how one of a couple of main things that solar panels REALLY dislike, is vibration, cos you will crack them.  That does not even seem to have been given any consideration at all.

You'd lay all the panels, and two trains later, most of the panels will have microcracking problems due to the vibration.  I mean, did ANYONE in the team who thought up this idea, stand at a level crossing while a train rumbles past and not how much vibration there is?  It is usually so massive, you can feel it coming up your feet and legs.  Solar panels would absolutely LOVE that......

This is a major issue with many of the next gen of uni students as far as I can see.
They think up good IDEAS, but have no practical understanding of where you CAN'T use something like solar panels or why you CAN'T do an idea that way.  They think they can just lay thousands of panels between the tracks, and you have GW's of solar energy.  No thought given AT ALL to vibration or dirt settling on the panels and rendering them basically useless.

And the governments seems to be equally stupid with no understanding of how something like that can never work, and throw wheelbarrows of cash at a project like that, just cos they call it green energy, meanwhile insisting that YOU pay every cent of your tax bill so they can throw it all at BS like this.

Sorry - starting to rant.


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