Solar Freakin' Railways....

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Yes, Totally Agree......There is So much insanity.
I used to see the rail deflect down at least 50mm in places when 60t Loco's  cross the fish plates (rail joints), on some rail lines that where not in every day use, I swear the track would sink about 100mm with the 90T loco on it, so there is a lot of movement and vibration to deal with.

  Quote  Nice idea in the lab, will never work on NZ highways as our roads are too bumpy, the coil-coil coupling distance would be all over the place with terrible efficiency.

Not to mention the amount of cable required.

  Quote  Or better still that we used trains to transport more freight and only used trucks from railhead to destination.

India has done this for years. they drive the trucks up onto the flat wagons.
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