NiMH or Lithium?

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Posted: 08:22am 21 Mar 2023      

Sealed lead acid. Always works. Almost bomb proof. :)

They all have problems, either operationally or environmentally. There is no ideal solution.

I would say that, if the mains supply is pretty reliable and only short disruptions are likely then non-rechargeable lithium is the way to go - but recycle them. You should get somewhere around 8-10 years life before they need to be changed.

If the mains supply is less reliable then you need a rechargeable solution. NiMH is still a good system for this.

SLA is still necessary for maximum reliability under hostile conditions. It won't give the high current surges that lithium will, but it's safer and easy to float charge. Many thousands are still in use. Environmentally they don't score well though.