NiMH or Lithium?

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Posted: 02:30pm 21 Mar 2023      

The key will be the usage of the battery.

Primary cell Lithium, which is what I think you are talking about is designed for very long operational life at very low current. In such cases I would be looking at the larger cell formats if you can fit them. If the current requirement over time is very low then 20 year lifetimes are possible.

The problem comes if the system is a bit power hungry. If the mains fails and the battery is use then, the lifetime of the primary cell may be compromised. At that point you need to consider rechargeable systems.

As has been suggested SLA is used in industry, and works well. You could consider rechargable lithium, battery charging is not a big issue there are dedicated chipsets to do that , but keeping it charged will require some form of active management, as trickle charging is a non starter. So a daily/weekly/monthly charge system, or recharge after use would be needed.

Define your current and power usages first, then see what fits best.