PicoMite: driving a small speaker

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Posted: 01:16pm 24 Mar 2023      

Hi Tom,

The problem is not "designing a circuit". The problem is that no-one wants to accept that this may involve more electronics than an off-the-shelf-chineese circuit.

I have designed many good audio circuits for this pico, but there is always demand for something else. Take my inductor filter, add a potmeter for sound volume, add the PAM83xx or LM4871 or LM386(maybe not from 5V) and you are done.

If you want full SMD, take the active filter (used in Peters Latest GBP25 VGA mite), add a volume control, add PAM83xx or a LM4871, or a LM386(not 5V) and you are done.


P.S. LM386 can only drive 2Vpp when powered from 5V. It may work , but may not give you the loudness you need.
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