PicoMite: driving a small speaker

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Posted: 11:34pm 24 Mar 2023      

Hi folks,

Whilst the brain trust are thinking about the audio I thought I'd have some light relief and start figuring out the layout of the Mk2 prototype.

Here it is with its older brother:

And here it is with its top off:

1. The area to the right of the Pico is for the audio circuitry, the speaker can go underneath.

2. The area to the left of the Pico is for the LiPo charger module.

3. The Pico is not flush mounted but sitting ontop of a set of male header pins that raise it sufficiently that the USB can still be attached, it's still just low enough that the USB cable doesn't get entangled in the SD card under the display - though I'm half inclined to desolder that and bodge a micro-SD reader in its place.

4. I haven't decided whether I'm going to include the shift-register or just wire the buttons via resistors to 8 GPIO pins. I need to decide how to allocate the GPIO and I want to keep pins for an I2C channel and a serial channel free.

Best wishes,

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