PicoMite: driving a small speaker

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Posted: 02:24pm 25 Mar 2023      

G'day Peter,
That scope shot certainly proves the filter circuit is doing a great job, I think I might need to order some 4.7mH inductors...

As you suggest, we need current gain rather than voltage gain, the emitter follower provides exactly that.

Did you measure the output into a speaker or a resistor? the 1.4v offset in the output is probably not going to go well with a speaker voice coil, they normally don't like anything more than a few mV, hence the reason for coupling capacitors in single supply amps (unless BTL)

A little off topic, are you planning to include the "p" and "n" (white noise) options for the play sound function in the next release of PicoMite MMbasic? they are handy for things like steam sound generators