Bud Light fiasco....

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Posted: 11:17pm 12 Apr 2023      

Perfect answer to the mindless stupidity being forced upon us.

I have done a lot with Sales, marketing and advertising and I have to say, screw ups like the bud light fiasco intreauge me.

It's easy to blame the silly woke marketing woman but that was just her idea. It would have had to be presented to a load of people before it hit the streets including the board of the company and I would have thought with a company that size, they would have had a PR firm test market it and get public opinion / Feedback.

Seems like they presented it to people they wanted to get the feedback they were hoping to hear from rather than the general public at large.
No 2 ways this will go down as one of the all time marketing blunders although due to the nature of it, may not be widely mentioned because of the very reason it was such a failure.

Things like this will LOONG be remembered and I'll bet there is a stigma attached to it that will put people off for a LOT of years. Media is saying it will soon be forgotten which is acknowledgement it won't. I can only imagine the nick names and innuendo that will be associated with this and those that drink it.

I was reading about this last night and they are saying that the sales of the product were down 50% over Easter alone and that is enough to impact the years sales projections by itself.  That's a big deal and a huge failure.

Of course Nike are using the same figure head and already copping flack as well and I can certainly see why. Their campaign is a direct insult to the very target market they are trying to reach and again, how no one on boards and in marketing and research Depts picked up on this is astonishing.

When I was playing in this game, I wouldn't do a tiddly winks campaign before it was test marketed and I always picked the worst Audience to pitch something to becuase I knew if it got pat them, didn't have to worry about anyone else. I also knew that the smallest thing that seemed right to those in the business could be picked up on by the public in a totally different way which was why you want out and discovered this before you let it loose.
How a company this size with the resources and people it must have at it's disposal could make such a mammoth stuff up is beyond my imagination?

Do they all have their heads jammed so far up their dark, moist nether regions  that they either didn't test or ignored the results thinking that targeting a less than 1% group ( and again, who the hell goes after such a tiny market in the first place)
without considering how the the rest of the market including loyal customers would take it?

Talk about being out of touch with your customers!
If the brand was in trouble before, it's going to be history now and let me say, I'm glad.

I am  and I believe the great majority of people are sick and tired of being told how to think and what disillusion and fantasy's we are supposed to embrace and accept.
I am sure there are meetings going on in many major companies looking at the bud and Nike Situation and standing on the brakes having a long hard rethink of what road they want to go down.