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G'Day Guy's,
           Mike (Wiseguy) came up on Friday with a nice present namely a Aerosharp inverter for me to play with   When I said this will be for 24 volts Mike worked out 15 turns should do the job. Then I showed him that 6.5mmX4mm copper wire and asked if it would be suitable for the primary and for the size inverter I'm building it will do the job.

The Toroid

The name plate

As the Aerosharp does come with 3 inductors I just had to strip the big one and put some of my tape over the insulation.

A few years ago Warpspeed (Tony) showed a sketch using this core where 4 turns each side can do both the high and low side inductors and with this wire I can get 2 in hand for the turns.

I have made a start on the Brain board and found I had every resistor bar the 51K which will need to be adjusted to suit the 24 volts so full resolution for the ADC. Where the board calls for a 60 volt to 15 volt board won't be needed for my setup so I was thinking of just using a 7815 with a few dropping diodes to ensure the 7815 stays within it's voltage limits and this can be made on some veroboard putting some pinouts to suit the pcb.

Yesterday I put that old wire former onto my 2 ring crab burner to anneal the copper and unwinding a few turns this morning proved I can get it nice and straight to install the heatshrink on.

Well with work I will only be able to work on this project on weekends as I am working away so plenty of time to get some research done and order all the parts I need to get this done.

Cheers Bryan
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