Bryan's Inverter build

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Posted: 05:03pm 15 Apr 2023      

Stockleys, I agree that I have probably led Bryan a bit astray yesterday. I did a few quick off the cuff calculations to arrive at I think it was ~ 14.5T. I simply took the battery voltage (24V) nominal and multiplied it by .7071 to get the max RMS voltage capability which was 16.9V.  The 230V winding on the toroid had 197T or 1.1675 V/Turn.  Now dividing that into 16.9 gives ~ 14.5T.

But as I was considering it later the EG8010 from my experiments a few years ago could only achieve ~ 90% of max PWM modulation depth I think from memory so the result should have been closer to 13T, which I had intended to tell Brian about but your post beat me.  Also in my simple calculations I was using 230VAC as the final voltage for the 197T secondary not 240V.  

I am happy for others to advise Bryan as to the best primary turns to use - I have no first hand experience at 24V.  If I was building it for myself I would be quite comfortable to start off with a 13T primary and see how it performs before reducing the primary further.
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