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Posted: 07:44am 29 Apr 2023      

G'Day Guy's,
           Well finally got all the panels on the roof   and as it was getting late in the day I put the last 3 panels up so the connections can be done tonight. Now with 3 connected I did see 10 amps when the sun made an appearance and these panels are about 5 years old too.

As they are grid tie panels the open circuit voltage is 40 volts and the short circuit current is 5.7 amps now my shed battery will soak up all the panels can give and still want more   Now I do think a MPPT for this array will be the go so for now I have every panel in parallel and it will be easy to put 2 in series for the MTTP.

PD thanks for that link mate and I just ordered one so hopefully not too long to wait for it to get here.

This morning when I turned on my old shed inverter it went straight into overload and took a minute or 2 to sort itself out so it on it's final legs. Which has got me thinking of that Chinese board I got and make that up but just use the main part and use a brainboard to control it. I do need to take a pic of the rear and I'll put both top side and rear side in this thread so we can work out how to get this done.

I counted 15 condemned shacks with grid tie solar on so a chat next week to see if I can take the panels off before I start on the 20 ton digger to remove the shack. Could end up with over 20Kw if it all goes well and the for the best price, a bottle of my moonshine to the right boss.

Cheers Bryan