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Posted: 03:00am 18 May 2023      

G'Day Guy's,
            Well asked my wife for some varnish and she came up with a small tin of clear estapol so in order to get it into and around the wire I thickened it up with Q-cell as I do have a 2kg box of it here from my days at playing with dual axial flux wind gennies.

Decided to head over to Balhannah as mitre 3 has a jaycar outlet there only to find all they had was resistors and only a fraction of the sizes I needed and no caps or IC connector strips at all.   I did find a 7815 IC so i can get on and make that connector board for the pico brainboard.

As I'm on 24 volts I reckon a 4 diode drop from the battery voltage to the 7815 will do the job and I do still have some simmstick proto boards to use.

Also did the smoke test on my old Gould cro and to my surprise it booted up nicely but the probe does look abit shady as this unit sat in the back corner of my shed for close to 20 years and has been thru countless wet events where real heavy rain comes in the shed.

Cheers Bryan
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