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Posted: 03:48am 24 Feb 2024      

Well checked today and still no change it's still in fault mode so I thought better to check the current draw on the battery and 4.4 amps was the reading, but when i zero'd the clamp meter it was showing less than a amp draw. So it does look like the toroid will be OK to use again.

Pic's will come when I start stripping this Kipoint inverter as it was custom made for me back in '05 which did get this type of inverter on the market. Many years ago I contacted Kipoint asking for info on this inverter and told the story. This enginear designed that inverter and went out on his own and made his fortune then retired to a good life.

So it will be a good insight to what he did back in the day and this is way before the Oz inverter came about off memory.

Cheers Bryan

Edit: while I was writing this post I was thinking the best guy to decipher this circuit is by far is Rodger so sent a PM to him.
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