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Posted: 07:48am 24 Feb 2024      

Pete when I did the test run with this cheap inverter I built doing the load test with 2 vacuums drawing 3.5Kw ran fine and I did try my air compressor and mig welder which all ran fine.I
I reckon I killed the surge on this kipoint years ago when I welded up the 2 ovens on this 1850's stove I got here for a total rebuild. Went from a 24 volt 735AH fully charged battery to one flat battery when I finished and that inverter took it all in it's stride.

The next weekend it wouldn't run my 8" bench grinder or even a 6" one so I did know it was on it's last legs, that was a few years ago too and upto this weekend powered my shed fridge fine.

I did find I had 2 connectors left off the ching board I got so it will be a case of powering my soldering iron off the inverter outlet to connect the shed grid power. May get to it tomorrow but it does look like next weeks job and I have taken the solar input off the battery as it is fully charged.

Many years ago I sent 25 off 50x15mm round neo's to Oztules and he made an electric car out of old car batteries and just used that dual axial flux wind genny he made using those magnets to charge it. So more then likely I will go that way with my 4Kw motor conversion and with plenty of hills on my place it will be a test for it  

Cheers Bryan
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