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Posted: 04:23am 25 Feb 2024      

G'Day Guy's,
           So I took the inverter over to see Rodger and after we hooked it up still had the same fault, so had a good look and Rodger sprayed some gunk onto some of the connectors to ensure they made contact etc.

Anyway I did suspect the green power pot was suspect and when I turned the pot the second led went green so the fault was gone. We decided to take that led board out where we found yes that pot was worn out, now the original pot was 5K and as only a 10K was available that was put in as a replacement.

Hooked the board back up and sure enough 2 green leds so I used the heat gun on full setting and it ran fine.   Next was to test a big load so we tired the air compressor and honestly the inverter nearly had it going before going into fault mode.

So we tried the pool pumps, with both running about 2Kw's found at first turning both pumps at the same time didn't work but turning one on then the other after did work so we had 2Kw load and left it running until the fan came on the inverter.

So for an inverter close to 20 years old is back to run for a few more years as a 2Kw inverter at best. Now I'm going to setup my other inverter so when I do need that extra power it's there but for low power stuff like my machineshop this old inverter just worked before so it will be good to see if it still does.

Cheers Bryan