Mabs 150v 45a mppt build

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Posted: 09:36pm 22 May 2023      

Thanks Brian, i do appreciate the offer
, but i suspect the cost of postage to the UK would be prohibitive .

Talk of big heatsinks made me think of the case of the santerno inverter: i originally acquired two of them as donors for an inverter build (3.3kva toroidal transformers),  but as long as the powerjack keeps going that project's low priority. Looks like a good home for the mppt, although i might have to grind off the top bit where the toroidal tx and inductor were mounted.

It's a big stainless box with a massive heatsink, with a 20x4 lcd already mounted on the front face (why didn't i think of it before?!)

The round grey thing is a 5mH inductor that was in series with the 180v primary of the transformer, so must have been rated for 18A. Might be worth un-potting  and adapting it?

The ferrite Ecore inductor, wound with 11 turns 25mm2 blue wire is one i put together for the inverter build, but then read some more and realised it would saturate at ~40A or so IIRC (about 50uH as is), so it might be more suited to the mppt, but I'm not really ready to think about inductors yet - need to finish the mppt main board first. Only room in my head for one problem at a time  
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