Mabs 150v 45a mppt build

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Posted: 10:51pm 05 Jun 2023      

Not much progess here:

I seem to have killed my LEM current sensors from the aerosharp inverter:    if i understand them correctly they should output vcc/2 with zero current - i.e. 2.5v, but they all output zero volts.

Possibly i got them too hot whilst desoldering them - i (belatedly) read the datasheet where it says the primary conductor shouldn't go over 100°C, although, even if i had read it, I'm not sure how I'd've got them off without getting them that warm.

What's really annoying is i managed to do this just after placing an order for all the bits i couldn't scrounge.  

I guess I'll probably order some of the aleggro sensors acs758 or acs756 or something? I've sort of gone off LEM sensors for the moment.