Mabs 150v 45a mppt build

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Posted: 08:12am 06 Jun 2023      

I don't think you have blown them.
The arrow on the case shows the current flow direction.
positive -->> negative

This direction is not how the current flows in the case
of the mppt design but all will be good
since the firmware can handle negative values for the current sensor calibration.

These sensors are of a type that gives 2.5V out for zero current
and can go negative or positive from that 2.5V
to 0.5V to 4.5V

The specs discus the temperature of the current conductor leads
I have use a hot air gun set to Very Hot to remove them. Had them smoking.
So I expect it to work fine but we need to prove a few things first.

Is there 5V from + pin to 0 pin?
with zero current flowing through it, is there 2.5V on "Out" pin with
0 pin as ground?
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