Mabs 150v 45a mppt build

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Posted: 09:31pm 07 Jun 2023      

Hi poida,

Well, I hadn't made that link between the power ground and the logic/control ground, but whilst I'm reluctant to question the advice of The Master, Yoda,   , as i haven't fitted any of the power components - caps, fets, diodes - and was powering the board via the 12v input (i.e. no connection to battery or pv inputs), i didn't think the ground link could affect the current sensors.

I have made the link now and added the rest of the passive components on the logic/control side, but still cannot get an output voltage from either LEM.

As for the 4pin type - my reading of the datasheet says they should work like the 3 pin version if the ref pin is left floating, but as a sanity check i did try measuring the voltage between ref and out: still 0.000v with or without 4A running through the primary conductor.

So i have ordered some ACS758s   . I'm still at a loss as to how i killed them all, but even though they draw 18ma at 5v from the supply, i just can't get a voltage from their outputs. The outputs are not shorted, they seem to be open cct.