Let’s discuss Agon Light

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Posted: 09:49am 26 May 2023      

2nd  matherp's comments.

 I can stuff a Mite/PicoMite into a Dinrail box and have a GREAT controller.

 As you can tell not into the retro stuff. I have an IMSAI S100 started as
 a 8080 later Z80. Xerox Big board i.e Xerox 820 soldered every part and added
 a SCSI hard drive 5Megs LOL. Monster Diablo printer to replace the ASR 33.

 Even got a few MicroACE ZX80 clones and 16K ram blocks. Sadly keyboards dead.
 TRS80's and Apple 2C for my kids.

 Scorpion had 16 68K processor boards. Had Z8000 system, NS32032 many others

 Did not play a lot of games back then. Mostly research. System emulation.

 MMBasic is my goto for easier and faster code development i.e. My retirement FUN.

 Have FUN at what ever you enjoy. I do !