What thermal fuse temp would be safe to use here?

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Posted: 12:44am 28 Jul 2023      

Thanks for the input guys  ...  it's probably the main thing I miss working on my own for all these years. Amazing how easy it is to miss all the other angles.

Yes, it has been running hot  ... the cover that sits above it is quite heat damaged and I ground away a number of layers that were all blackened. Having said that, the resistor doesn't look too stressed  ...  it's not unusual to see those types all blackened and outer layers flaking off, yet still the correct resistance.

I hadn't even looked at what the other device was. Turns out you're right Mike, it is a triac  ...  BTB24-600. I will investigate that idea as well.

Normally I ask all sorts of questions when boards come in  ...  but this was supposed to be an easy part swap, so I didn't ask much at all. No idea what its function is  ...  mainly seems to be a junction board but with a heap of buttons and a couple of micros.

Thanks again all you guys for your input.