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Hello All
I am trying to change an IR remote control vehicle kit that I can purchase. The issue is that the kits are for students at the college I teach at and the PCB in the kits is terrible (very cheap) and difficult for the students to solder. Also, I want to move away from the kit as student break parts and I have to then use a kit as a Xmas tree. I basically want to remake a new PCB and then be able to purchase individual components.

I understand most of the circuit except for IC chip not sure how that works or how you can have 6 different vehicles working at the same time, I understand the dip switch allows this but not sure how it does it.

I would really like to move to nano to do the same task but I am unsure if changing the frequency slightly would work.
If anyone could help me out that would be great, if this is in the wrong forum I am happy to move it.