I just bought a Victron 12v 375VA inverter for the campervan

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Posted: 06:00am 01 Aug 2023      

must have been desperate...

whats inside

you can easily see the heatsinks.there are 4 of them.
So big and beefy, and Victron have the gall to flash warning lights
should there be "too much ripple" on the DC supply.
I fitted it with 8mm2 cable in an effort to help it keep running.

all I need is a 240V source to drive a laptop, do a couple of phones
and recharge the flashlights. And maybe top up the e-bike batteries.

I should just bail on this , get 2 x 12V lithium 100AH, make my own 24V inverter
and know it will be able to run an espresso machine + microwave at the same time.
wronger than a phone book full of wrong phone numbers


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It looks a bit light on in the electronics department. Any idea whether it is a true sinewave output, and how easy it is to repair if required.
I guess if it dies you could easily add an Aliexpress board and re use the transformer.
After trying to fix two of their regulators and seeing the inside of a 3kw 24 volt inverter, I won't buy victron again.
The regulators are fully potted, plus they basically self destruct when you try and get them apart. Not very friendly stuff from a manufacturer.
I hope it runs for years and works well



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Posted: 08:19am 01 Aug 2023      

I had a 3kW Victron inverter that lasted 24 months. Warranty was 24 months.
$2,700 in 2015 is a fair bit of wedge to see go and fly away.
I only see a decent toroid and output filtering/management there.
Agreed, get a simple Ali-verter and mate them for life.

No idea how long it will live for, I will not be loading it too much.
Expectations are low.

The 3kW inverter failed when under load of about 400W. It had powered
plenty of times through 2kW and hours of run time with the cooling fan on.
If I recall, the fan stayed on until output dropped below 600W for hour or 2.