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MMEdit V 5.2.0 beta.

This is a major update behind the scenes.

The latest PureBasic update includes a newer version of Scintilla, the framework that handles all the editor features.
This update fixes two long-standing issues. The option to select Propper case now works. You can choose between UPPERCASE, lowercase or Propper Case for the keyword display. This is only cosmetic and serves no useful purpose as far as MMBasic is concerned.
In Linux, the syntax help (F1) now appears the same as in the Windows version. The status line hint is still there and remains on display until you move to a new line.
This Scintilla update also created a problem - random crashes which the debugger couldn't identify. The cause has since been identified and (hopefully) remedied.
This was a blessing in disguise as it encouraged me to change the way multiple open files are handled. Instead of one editor and switching between files, MMEdit now opens multiple editors and simply hides the ones not currently active. This is much faster to switch tabs and does a better job of returning to the previous tab with all things retained, including undo-redo etc.
You are restricted to 15 open files but this can be changed with a setting in the inf file. The more files you have open, the slower it is to load them and processes such as ‘backup’ will also take longer. Too many open files is not a good idea.
Other changes
User variables are now colour-coded and in autocomplete (provided OPTION EXPLICIT is used). If you don't like this, change the colour of user-variables to black.
To make it look like you are organised and a proficient typist, there is a new option in the Program menu. "Cleanup labels" will scan the code and change the case of all user variables and sub names to match the case used in the definition line.
Files which are in the MRU list or restored on startup will have their cursor position and any code folding remembered.
Timed backups are finally functional.
Provided you have configured the backup folder and set a backup time (in minutes), backup will occur. Backups are created if the original file has changed since the last save or backup. All open files are checked, not just the current file. It is up to you to decide if you will risk having all the bas files and the backups reside on the same drive.
Undo/redo is no longer reset when doing upload/deploy. It is still reset during normal ‘save’
The editor line and character count is now updated every 3 seconds rather than when entering a new line.
Support provided for TinyBasic as used on the ATTiny85. See the tutorial in the MMEdit help.

MM Control Centre changes.
Ther have been significant changes in the File Manager.
The PC file listing is the same as before. Speed of loading a new folder list is much faster than previous versions but there can still be noticeable delays.
If you select a directory using the “Change” button above the listing, the new folder is remembered in a “Recent folders” list. Up to 10 folders are remembered. This list is saved between sessions.
Changing folders within the file listing by clicking on folder names is not remembered other than the current folder when the file manager is shut down.
You can now use the delete key (as well as the Delete button) to delete files on the PC or ‘mite
In order to allow suspect CH340 chips to function in Windows, the serial port is opened at 2400 baud and then changed to the required rate while the port is open. This feature can be disabled in MMCC.inf.
There have been a number of minor bug fixes and cosmetic changes.
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