MMEdit V5.2

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Posted: 07:56am 26 Apr 2024      

Thanks for the file.
It all looks OK and you should be seeing the picoVGA when you restart.
There were a few 'mistakes' introduced when the short menus were added.

I have made a few changes which will help when presets are not set.

The Linux version lists ttyACM before ttyUSB now so the default will be ttyACM0
This suits most new users.
The default speed will be 115200 to keep away from 1200 accidents.
The default new system device will be picomite. There is no difference between picomite and picoVGA as far as MMCC is concerned.

Now, when you restart the last used setting will (hopefully) reappear.

I will update the main download tomorrow.

Thanks for helping the program better.