ArmmiteF407 V5.07.02 betas - Library - No Battery and more.

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Posted: 02:24pm 21 Aug 2023      

Excellent indeed. The F4 is a great platform--very good news for it to get updates, and even better news that MMBasic now has an additional developer/maintainer.

I've successfully tested a version of VegiPete's CrateAway for the F4 with the 800x480 IPS LCD.

I tried several other of VegiPete's games which I had converted for the F4, but I was apparently using them with a keyboard, and they aren't handling the arrow keys properly for running from TeraTerm. I'll look into what it would take to support those.

One issue so far: rgb(grey) was supported previously, but I had to change that to rgb(gray).