ArmmiteF407 V5.07.02 betas - Library - No Battery and more.

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Posted: 10:57pm 21 Aug 2023      

  matherp said  Gerry

Welcome to the developers club. You post a new release with massive enhancements and superb documentation and the first thing that happens is a request for MORE

No, the first thing that happens (at least in this case) is that someone responds to his request:
  disco4now said  Anyone that can run existing working code on the new firmware will help verify all is OK.

I ran existing code, a version of VegiPete's CrateAway configured for the 800x480 IPS display--which worked. In finding the thread about that code I saw that I had noted then (April of 2021) that BLIT WRITE didn't allow you to mirror a sprite, as the CMM2 did, and that was also an issue which I had encountered earlier today with Martin H.'s PicoMiteVGA PI*Bert program, in trying to get it to run on the PicoMite with an LCD.

I'll continue to try running existing F4 programs on the new release, and will continue to express my appreciation of the work which the developers have done to give us the terrific (and, it appears ever-growing) MMBasic system.

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