ArmmiteF407 V5.07.02 betas - Library - No Battery and more.

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  Volhout said  There is technically no objection, but the software does not exist.
So you will have to write it yourself.

Using I2C to transfer ASCII data is perfectly possible. If you want the VGA display to show graphics, you will need to transfer pixel data. That may be slow on the I2C bus.


Yes, the I2C will be slow compared to SPI for example, I think in the easy way to do and forget the speed.

But if the esp32 work like one "custom chip", that the CPU just say what to do and the graphics chip work independent, maybe the velocity is ok. Like for example one commodore amiga working, the 68000 was very slow, but it just say to agnes* what to do, and in this way, it come fast.

But what I am talking is just ideas and curiosity.

Note: I do not remember if it is agnes, or other custom chip for ECS, sorry if it is other.

Any way, thank you for answer :)