ArmmiteF407 V5.07.02 betas - Library - No Battery and more.

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Posted: 11:45am 05 Sep 2023      

I have a result of sorts. With a separate 3.3v supply to feed the TFT, I still had the problem but I noticed if I disconnected the separate 3v3 the TFT was still lit but very dim. So the backlight was still drawing current from the armmite through the SSD1963 chip. To fix this I re-configured the TFT to "always on" for backlight and supplied the separate 3v3 to the LED-A pin. Now the TFT works fine with touch enabled.
I still have one tiny problem, GUI calibrate shows on screen and T-IRQ drops when screen touched but the test doesn't progress (stays on first test point). Will check touch wiring next.