ArmmiteF407 V5.07.02 betas - Library - No Battery and more.

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  disco4now said  A few tweaks and the source now on GitHub.

Armmite F4 5.07.02 Beta 2
multi line comments /*   */ added as per picomites
Using \\000 and \&00 (with OPTION ESCAPE) give error message to use CHR$(0) as per picomites
SPIClose() added before AppendLibrary incase left open by flash write fail, which then gives misleading error.
Fix for potential FILES error identified by Peter.
BACKLIGHT command syntax updated to match Picomite
Fix for OPTION ANGLE not defaulting to RADIANS on new RUN command.
Fix for OPTION ANGLE not in function TAN()
Fix for OPTION ANGLE not in function MATH (ATAN3 x,y)

Source now available on GitHub

Manual and Firmware
Armmite F4 Manual.pdf

Armmite H7 update is close!

Hi, many thanks for everything!  

I tested the CPUSpeed() Example-Library-CFunction on page 61 of the Armmite F4 Manual and it freezes the system. Not the definition as library but the execution of CPUSpeed().

"..As an example you could save the following into the library:
CFunction CPUSpeed
00000000 3c02bf81 8c45f000 8c43f000 3c02003d 24420900 7ca51400 70a23002
3c040393 34848700 7c6316c0 00c41021 00621007 3c03029f 24636300 10430005
00402021 00002821 00801021 03e00008 00a01821 3c0402dc 34846c00 00002821
00801021 03e00008 00a01821
End CFunction
This would have the effect of adding a new function (called CPUSpeed) to MMBasic. You could even run it at
the command prompt:
> PRINT CPUSpeed()

ARMmite MMBasic Version 5.07.02b2