High idle power revisited

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Posted: 10:48am 06 Sep 2023      

IPTC014N10NM5 seems to be fast switching and moderate Gate charge.

Vgs = 10V Rg 1.6 Ohms

turn on delay: 36ns
rise time: 30ns
turn off delay: 85ns
fall time: 30ns

168 nC total Gate charge

it appears that to get this fast switching you will need a
high current Gate drive design, and use 1.6 ohm resistors
to drive them hard.

100V, 1.4 mOhm and very large pulsed current rating, over 1000 Amps..

I can't help but suggest you get a decent DSO to observe deadtime
as seen at the FET's Gate pins to be completely certain there is
no shoot through from your designs.