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That's more than all my code/files/images combined.

this is actually a tar.gz file, so if winzip won't open it, try renaming it.

The following is called when "adc.csv" is requested.

Sub doADC 'ADC' simulator Stable
Local samps=768
' Local sample(samps) As float
Local sample As float
' For i=1 To samps 'ADC' code START
'  sample(i)=round(sample(i-1)+0.5-Rnd,2) ' pseudo-random sample placeholder
' Next i 'ADC' code END
Open "adc.csv" For output As #3 ' save results
Print #3, Timer Mod 30;":";sample;
For i=2 To samps
sample=round(sample+0.5-Rnd,2) ' pseudo-random simple placeholder
' Print #3,",";Str$(Timer Mod 30);":";Str$(sample(i));
Print #3,",";Str$(Timer Mod 30);":";Str$(sample);
Next i
Close #3
End Sub

the format of the data is "sawtooth1:trace1,sawtooth2:trace2,sawtooth3:trace3,"
and so on...

two traces of 768 samples each amount to around 6kb.