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Hi Chris

Thank you very much for the sample code and attached zip file.

Some clarity please.

The adc.csv file format appears to be a custom format with the interleaved ':', as my understanding is that csv is comma separated data fields with CR/LF separated records?

Can you point me to the source of the javascript or the reference you used to assemble the javascript embedded in the html. I need a better understanding of how you're doing the parsing of the csv data.

My understanding of what you have presented is;
1. It accepts, on 'Read', a predefined 'csv' file of data points [var a];
2. Traces the data points onto a html 5 compliant canvas;
3. Provides a zoomed out view initially;
4. Provides for a single step zoomed in view, which is scrollable; and
5. Is a static display.

As a mechanism for presenting accumulated data, in a formatted string, in this case csv, it is very interesting and I appreciate you bringing this to my attention. Perhaps I can tweak your adc.html into a viewer of the csv data accumulated by the WiFiscanner. This would add an additional viewing option to the utility and offer an alternative to spreadsheet manipulation to graph the data.

The current graphs.js approach I have used, allows for live updating of a line graph while maintaining the previously plotted points and scrolls left as new data is fetched and plotted. It also has scaling (more like a y axis offset though) and y axis labels, but appears to lack the zooming of your solution.

Have you made any attempt at getting your solution to have automated fetch and retention of data points already received and plotted? This may be of interest to the MiteScope group from a storage oscilloscope emulation perspective.

I look forward to your continued input.