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Prompted by Volhout I have modified the MMBasic editor to allow editing files to and from disk (similar to the CMM2). This hasn't been done on other versions of MMbasic, other than the CMM2, as there is no guarantee that any sort of disk is available. However the PicoMite always have at least the "A:" drive available so it now makes sense and avoids tokenising corrupting non-Basic files and the clunky workflow of loading non-Basic files as a program and then editing them and subsequently saving.

Should make working with html files and sprites much easier.


edit fname$

to edit a disk file. This will be on the current disk unless the filename is fully specified.

escape will work as before
when editing a disk file either F1,and F2 will work as follows:
A backup file will be created with the name fname$.bak on the same disk as the original file.
The original file will be overwritten with the new data
if no extension is specified the firmware will default to ".bas"
NB: nothing will be done if the file has not changed.

If colour coding is enabled this will be switched off when editing files other than .bas files

Previously on the VGA version you were able to invoke the editor using EDIT 1 or EDIT 2 to define the mode in which the editing should happen. This functionality is removed and the firmware will automatically switch to mode 1 for editing.

Comments and bug reports appreciated
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