PicoMiteVGA - change to edit, please test and comment

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Posted: 07:40pm 17 Sep 2023      

Hi Peter,

When I edit a sprite that is completely okay with

EDIT "gras.spr"

And change the color of one pixel from (in this case green (8) to pink (F))
And save with F1, the file is usable as a sprite.
That is good.

It confused me however.

When you open a basic program, and save with F1, the program is saved in program memory, but not on disk.
When you open a text file, and save with F1, it is saved on disk.

Probably per design, but I made the mistake to also save the text file with "save "xxx.spr" and that corrupts the file.

Anyway, this works, but is a bit confusing.