Cheap solar for the Upgrade

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Posted: 05:33am 15 Jun 2024      

Well wouldn't it go figure told my wife NOT to use the genset until I got a new extension lead as the last one shorted out and what did she do blow up the charger with that shorted cable.  

So now got my shed charger which only for a 260AH battery and outputs around 35 amps, now what surprised me that 4Kw genset lasted around 9 hours of running the charger. So with not too much loading it's just purring along.

I decided to get a quote on a 48 volt 1000AH forklift battery and it was around that 10K figure I thought it may be. Today I sent an email for a new charger to suit that 600AH battery thats been powering the home for over a decade.

When it's day after day of pea soup for weather no amount of solar will help so that 4Kw motor conversion project may just need to get finished and up in the air. But with a good 100 metre wire run finding the right cable will be the first job and for digging the trench that new tractor is looking better by the day.

Regards Bryan