Cheap solar for the Upgrade

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Hi Pete, When I load tested this conversion in my lathe all those years ago when it got to cut in my VFD complained of over current and my lathe was in 5:1 back gear. I saw a glimpse of 89 amps on the clamp meter. I setup 2 truck batteries for 24 volts as the load and used a 100 amp bridge rectifier.

Did 3 off load tests and the 100 amp bridge rectifier let out the magic smoke on the 3rd test and every reading on the cutin was around 90 amps.

Now with these motor conversions one can only get what on the name plate and with mine being 4Kw I do think 2-3 Kw would be the working range.

I do intend to bring down the current with wild AC and rectify at the shearing shed where the new power base is going to be setup.

I do need to get some hot water heaters to use as as a dumpload as when the batteries are fully charged the current has to go somewhere.

There is a few scrap yards in town so I do need to get down there and have a look and see what they have and I'm thinking 400 amp arc welding cable as the minimum so with a 3 runs yes it is a bit of cable.

Regards Bryan