Builiding of a complete 6kW PV inverter with MPPT chargers

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Mat, at 42V cutoff your battery bank is dead.
I have a similar 20KW battery bank. Bulk charging stops at 56.5V.
I set mine to cut out at 51V, while there is still some charge left. I cannot remember it ever getting that low.

Most of the toroidal cores here in Australia come from recycled inverters. So the copper wire and the mylar tape insulation is also recycled, certainly with all of my inverters.

I did insulate the core with that mylar tape first as the original was also done that way.

You can use epoxy but it might be messy. But it is essential that you insulate the first layer from the core. Suggest you use tape, Ebay should find you plenty.

Insulation between each layer of the secondary is also a good idea, especially if the wire is re cycled. I used tape for this but it builds up a thick layer in the hole by the time you have an overlapped tape layer outside.

You could try mylar sheet, also found on ebay. A strip a little wider than 100mm, with its edges having short scissor cuts so they bend around the core, for the hole and the outside. A disk with short scissor cuts for top & bottom. Hold them in place with Klapton tape.

In case you did not know, one pass through the hole counts as a turn so count your turns on the inside of the core.