Builiding of a complete 6kW PV inverter with MPPT chargers

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Posted: 10:16am 06 Feb 2024      

The mylar sheet idea is a good one, some hardware stores sell very thin polycarbonate flexible sheet, it is easy to cut this with hand scissors, would do the same job.

Here is a tip: I coat all my inductors whether large iron cores or smaller buck converter chokes, in a home made varnish, made from dissolved polystyrene foam in lacquer paint thinner. Suspend the inductor outdoors and slap the stuff on to cover and get down inside the wires. Dries in a couple of hours and really sets hard by the next day. Does the same job as epoxy and costs virtually nothing to make.  

1 liter of thinner will dissolve about a cubic meter of the poly foam, keep the solution in a metal tin. If you use the wrong type of thinner the poly melts in the container but forms a white gell like substances.... wont work, has to dissolve to a clear solution. Generic lacquer\acrylic paint thinner seems to work best.

The varnish stuff will soften around 100°c, if your core gets that hot, then something is seriously wrong.

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