Builiding of a complete 6kW PV inverter with MPPT chargers

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  Murphy's friend said  Mat, at 42V cutoff your battery bank is dead.
I have a similar 20KW battery bank. Bulk charging stops at 56.5V.
I set mine to cut out at 51V, while there is still some charge left. I cannot remember it ever getting that low.

This value comes from the EVE data sheet, where they provide a cut-off voltage of 2.5V/cell and recommend operating within the range of 10-90% of the rated capacity.

But it would actually be better to leave a larger cutoff margin.

  Solar Mike said  Here is a tip: I coat all my inductors whether large iron cores or smaller buck converter chokes, in a home made varnish, made from dissolved polystyrene foam in lacquer paint thinner. Suspend the inductor outdoors and slap the stuff on to cover and get down inside the wires. Dries in a couple of hours and really sets hard by the next day. Does the same job as epoxy and costs virtually nothing to make.  

I've heard of a similar solution using styrofoam and a paint thinner, basically it's probably the same. But I didn't think of using it to stiffen the windings