Builiding of a complete 6kW PV inverter with MPPT chargers

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Posted: 01:45pm 19 Feb 2024      

Wow, that is a very nice supply of wire on that transformer.

I'm not sure how others would do it  ...  but I would anchor one end and wind it out  ...  then I would go along and use my thumbs to bend it as straight as I could get it. Unless I absolutely had to, I would not use any mechanical tools in the process as I'd be too worried I might damage the enamel.

And it doesn't seem to have any severe bends  ...  except maybe all the way inside  ...  so I would be hopeful it will be relatively easy to do.

I know some would stretch it tightly  ...  which does help a little  ...  but I don't know if that does any damage. But by the time you've wound the secondary, you should be able to accommodate some imperfections in your primary.

I was surprised at the hole size of your toroid  ...  it seemed very large. At least you shouldn't run out of room for your primary.