Builiding of a complete 6kW PV inverter with MPPT chargers

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Posted: 06:05pm 02 May 2024      

One thing to do is to set absorb voltage very low and time short, so it's not immediately a problem as there is extra capacity to charge.

I only had a series MOSFET array between solar controller and battery but then Al voltage was directly on my inverter, but it stayed open and my inverter stayed working on 80V for the afternoon...😅
That's why I keep using 100V MOSFETs.
(Back then there was not yet the poida code running on the controller, just constant PV voltage regulation)

Lesson learned and implemented a contactor between solar and regulators. I recently ruined one with rewiring so I want to build some MOSFET switches. Allthoug contactors are more robust but use more energy. There will be some back emk when disconnecting the panels, this will probably less when disconnecting the mppt outputs, but then you need to use output caps rated for the input voltage.