Builiding of a complete 6kW PV inverter with MPPT chargers

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I made a circuit intended to protect everything in the event of MPPT failure and full voltage from the panels.

Circuit measures the voltage on the main bus, and if the voltage exceeds a set threshold for a moment, the circuit turns off the kilovac and remains in this state until it is reset.

I placed an additional relay on the PCB through which I supply 12V voltage to the MPPT systems. So when the kilovac is disconnected, all MPPT circuits are turned off.
I will use the second relay's pole for signaling - optical, sound, sending a notification or anything else.

Circuit consumes approximately 17mA thus ~1W + kilovac consumption.

I tested it and it works and latching perfectly. Treshold is in the range of ~52-65V setting by pottentiometr.

The last issue is to check whether there will be no random shutdowns caused by transients and voltage changes during system operation. Now, treshold time is approximately 0.5s. Adding a larger delay of several seconds to the system is a bit troublesome


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