Aquarium (or general purpose) controller

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Yep. There's a RTC socket (just behind the LED) and a Pico W. I might set it up to look for NTP at boot, try a second time and if that fails get the time from the RTC and indicate a fault. It's about the best I can do, I think. I've not tried this before. It means only grabbing the RTC time on demand, not automatically.

Power fail on a small tank is never good. There isn't as much thermal capacity in the volume of water as there is in a larger one. Luckily we very rarely get power cuts that last more than a few mins. I was surprised to see that you can now get low power 5V aquarium heaters that would run from a power bank for a short while. I suppose a ceramic resistor with leads covered in silicon gunk would do just as well. :)