Aquarium (or general purpose) controller

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I use the horizontal scroll bar if necessary. If I zoomed out the text would become mere dots!

This is an issue with the display side of the forum software. The best way is for everyone to bear it in mind and
a) Ideally use the link facility built into the software, which is very easy to use and can handle huge links.
b) alternatively, keep links to a sensible length (and it's nice to put them on a new line).

While I'm here, lets get this thread back on topic. :)

All happy ever after. :)

Something I should have done is to put suppression on the filter pump relay contact. The motor is small, but there is sometimes enough interference when switching it to crash the processor. I thought I might have been ok, but it appears that there is nothing built into the (encapsulated) motor.

I'm considering adding 2 more fish and three cherry shrimp.
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