Inverter building using Wiseguys Power board and the Nano drive board

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The release of the latest Nano Controller, this is a collaboration between Wiseguy and Poida and was just announced.

New Nano

This is the new controller I'll be using for the Power board.

I will finish off the power board build with a description of the Toriod and the Chokes that I will be using, and more details of the FET mounting hardware.

The following is some of the parts used, I was having trouble finding stock of some items, especially the Buffer transistors, Wiseguy addressed this in his release so I have included that info here.

Cap board screw to PCB7XM4 metal "U" M4 threaded x 4 solder pin standoffs on the main PCB.

Total of 12 needed.

PCB-5 M6 with screws X 4  for Power and Toriod connection.

From Minium amount for one board.

Buffer transistors:

MJD45H11-1G X 4
2SD1804L-T-TM3-T X 4

The TO251’s types above are now very hard to find, similarly rated SOT223 surface mount transistors that use the same pin spacing as the TO251s can have the 3 (short) legs inserted into the existing PCB pad holes and soldered.

LCSC has the SOT223 PNP and NPN versions for the buffers which are ~30c ea and have continuous current ratings of ~5A and peak current ratings of ~ 15/20A so the overall cost is low.

HY5608W Power FET X 16 (360A @ 80V 500W rating)

FOD3182V Opto couplers X 4 (none at LCSC but available elsewhere)

2 x B1212S-1W PCB SIP DC/DC 1W modules
1 X B1215-2W

I used a HI-LINK HLK-B1215S-2WR3 but only 8 showing in stock at

LCSC has stock of various brands listed here DC-DC modules

The spacing between the two input and two output pins of the 2W 15v units is slightly different on some, however it's only a matter of drilling two tiny holes for the input pins next to the existing pads, they fit and solder perfectly.

A lot of these components are relatively low cost and it pays to order more than needed.
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