Inverter building using Wiseguys Power board and the Nano drive board

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While I think of it, one piece of workshop equipment I would recommend as almost a Must Have, is a current limited Variable Power supply to power the inverter through the testing and setup stages.

Being able to power up the inverter (initially without the cap boards) with a current limit of 300mA for the initial power up will save you a world of pain if something is not right. The unit I use can allow around 230 Watts of Inverter load to tested.

It allows you to slowly wind up the voltage to the inverter during testing, and "almost" eliminating any damage if there happens to be a fault.  

More about power up and testing later.

I posted about this unit here Power Supply

The Unit has increased in price to $127, still here on Amazon and in stock in AU.

0-60V 0-5A 3 Digit